Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Introducing Wyatt Eugene!!

I cannot believe our baby boy is FINALLY here!
After 40 weeks & 4 days he made his appearance to the world.

Wyatt's Birth Story

I went to my doctor appt on Halloween quite annoyed
that I was 3 days past my due date.
I know first time moms usually go into labor past their due date,
but my doctor had seemed sure he'd come before since
I had the bicornuate uterus.
When I got to my appt I noticed my doctor,
Dr Allen, was on call that day.
I knew I was going to ask him to be induced.
We were ready to meet our lil guy
and I was QUITE ready to be un-pregnant as well.
Dr Allen checked me and said since I was dilated to 3cm he was ok with inducing me if
that was what I wanted. He immediately called the hospital
and asked if they were busy.
They weren't and said for me to eat a light lunch,
and head to the hospital.
All of a sudden it was happening..
and I kinda got a little freaked out.
I let Will know he needed to head home from work
because we were gonna have our baby!

We got to Timpanogos Hospital around 1:30pm.
They got all my info and I was hooked up with my IVs, etc.
I was started on pitocin around 2:45pm
and the waiting began.
At 4:30pm I felt a little wet and told my nurse I thought my
water may have broke.
She said she'd check the next time she did a cervix check
and left the room.
5 minutes later I felt/heard a pop
and since I was pretty damn sure I wasn't peeing myself
I knew my water had broke on its own.
I called the nurse back and sure enough I was right!
The nurse told me that I would start feeling the contractions now
since the barrier was now gone.
After that contractions came but nothing painful.
The evening came and I was dilating pretty slowly.
We watched Monday Night Football
and chatted with Dr Allen when he came to check for an update.
By 9pm the contractions were starting to bug,
but still nothing I couldn't handle.
I was trying for a natural birth but since I was on pitocin
I was stuck in the bed since they have to monitor the baby the whole time.
That made working through contractions a lot harder.
By 10pm I asked my nurse for some Fentanyl
in my IV. It didn't take the contractions away
but did take the edge off and it helped.
I got another dose right before midnight
and tried to sleep.

By 3am I was tired and in pain.
So once my nurse came to check on me I asked for
my epidural.

Within 90 seconds my legs were numb
and I felt NOTHING!
The nurse said the epidural would help my body relax
and would make dilating the last 3cm faster.
I was in bliss and I just went to sleep.
The nurses woke me up around 6:30
and said I was at a 10.
and Dr Allen would be there soon to begin the pushing process.

I started pushing right before 7am.
My epidural was slowly wearing off which made pushing a little easier
since I could kinda feel my body.
I pushed for 2 hours and Dr Allen saw how tired I was, I almost had no energy left.
He suggested using forceps to help get him out.
His head was right there but not wanting to go the little extra we needed.
I told the Dr to do whatever he needed to get him out!!!
I got a little bit more of my epidural
and then at
Wyatt Eugene Myers
made his appearance to the world!

We have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy
who we love without end.
It was a long wait
but our sweet baby finally arrived.

ps I know this post is WAY over due.
I started it on 11.9.11 and just finished it.
First time motherhood has kept me busy!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hello Due Date...Where is My BABY?!

Today is
October 28th.2011
& Wyatt Eugene
is still not HERE...

So I made a video to record
The Myers Baby Journey...
that is HOPEFULLY almost over..
(im)Patiently awaiting Wyatt Eugene...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

8 days.

My due date is 8 days away!
So crazy.
It feels like this moment has come so fast,
yet now is CRAWLING.
Typically pregnant lady comment I know.
I am so impatient because I want Wyatt to be here already..
I want to see his face and hold him, and kiss him.
I want to meet my son, the little guy who has been
rolling around inside me for so long now.

I am also SICK of being pregnant.
I am ready to have my body back
and to be mobile.
I'm ready to wear normal clothes again
and to just feel like myself again.
My aunt told me you feel like that so when the end comes
you're ready to go through the ordeal of labor.
I will say I am not scared of labor.
I thought I would be
maybe I'm in denial about it, but I haven't really thought about it too much.
I know it's going to hurt..but I'm not scared of the pain.
Pain is to be expected.
I have a really high pain tolerance
and I know Will is going to be a good coach for me.

Speaking of the dad-to-be..
Will has been amazing this whole pregnancy.
It has been a very easy and smooth 9 months,
and he kept me in good spirits the whole time.
He kept me laughing and smiling the whole time,
and I'm very grateful for him.

We got to spend a lot of time together on little adventures we had this year.
I never really blogged anything about our summer.
We did a couple road trips to Vegas
in May and June to see his mom.
The road trips were SO much fun just because we got
to hang out for hours and talk about our life,
and just laugh.
We also went to Wyoming for the 4th of July
to see his uncle and aunt.
We also went on a few camping trips with friends,
the last one being over Labor Day weekend.
Wyatt went camping a total of 4 times before
he was born.

As D-Day gets closer (hopefully any time now) we are getting
a little nervous just because we have NO IDEA
what to expect.
We are both excited for this little guy to add to our family
and are looking forward to this awesome next step in our life.

Well here's to the countdown
of Wyatt...
and we hope to meet him SOON!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

He's Almost Here...!!

36 weeks

Ok so it's been a quick minute since I last blogged...I know I've been terrible.
Today I am: 36 weeks and 6 days pregnant.
37 weeks tomorrow..HOLLA!

Thursday, September 29th was my last day of work. It was bittersweet. I've worked since I was 16 and had been at ACS for over 3 years so NOT working is kinda new to me. This week was my first week of not working and I will admit being 9 months pregnant and just getting to have my own schedule has been nice. Now when I say that let's remember 9 months pregnant so I really haven't done much except lounge with my big belly and try to do some baby things I have not done in the last 9 months.

I have most of my hospital bag packed, including Wyatt's things to bring him home. I washed all his clothes and most blankets. Mostly I just want him to be here already. It's been 9 months and the end is SOOOO close. I just wanna hold him in my arms instead of feeling him jab and kick me from the inside.

I have had a couple friends have their baby and can I just say BABY ENVY! I want mine NOW. ahaha. I had my baby showers which were awesome and Wyatt got a lot of cute stuff.
Being a first time mom this baby stuff is all very unknown to me. Of course I'm excited for him, but I know there's a lot of hard work heading my way real quick as well. I kept telling my cousin Shara that I was excited to sleep on my stomach again..her response?
"Sleep is the key word, and you won't get much of it for awhile."

Oh man. I like to think I've actually done quite well considering it's my first pregnancy. No real morning sickness, no bad mood swings, no emotional break downs (although I do tear up for songs, commercials, etc sometimes), and no control freak outs. I impressed myself with my ability to just go with the flow this whole time, because stressing doesn't help and it won't change things. I hope to continue this thought process once Wyatt comes because I've learned that when you expect things to be a certain way they never end up that way. So I am just going with it...

I am ready to be un-pregnant. I am ready to have my body back, to be able to sleep on my stomach, to wear normal clothes again, and to not have a little human rolling around inside me. I am SO excited to meet my baby boy and welcome him to the world. I am SO excited to finally be a mama to my own child and to have Will become a dad.
It will be weird becoming a trio with this lil person to what's been a duo for so long. But we are excited to start our family. The biggest debate: What color HAIR will he have?!
Will and his dad still believe blonde towhead all the way.
I and most people believe my dark genes will dominate, but I hope he has Will's blue eyes. We shall find out pretty soon!!!!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How far Along: 36 w 6 d
Size of baby: Size of a watermelon
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I don't want to say...but enough!
Maternity clothes: Have not bought any in quite awhile,
making my clothes work till he gets here
Gender: It's a Boy!
Movement: He just rolls around, jabbing and punching when he feels like it.
Sleep: Going ok...
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach
Cravings: Sweets...I always need a little chocolate every day.
Symptoms: Body aches of getting close to the end!
Best Moment this Week: Just enjoying the feeling of my lil guy rolling around in
his squishy waterbed....cause he won't be in there much longer!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

30 Weeks...10 to go..

Yesterday marked 30 weeks! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone.
I stole this from my awesome friend Brit, who is bound to have her baby boy anytime now!

Besides having to wake up a few times a night to trek to the bathroom,
I'm still doing ok sleeping...Unisom is my lifesaver.

Best Moment of the Week:
Will feeling an awesome kick to my stomach..Wyatt doesn't seem to move
around whenever Will tries to feel him...lil stinker.

He has definite sleep/wake cycles.
I feel him quite often...the hands and feet in my ribs are a trip.

Labor Signs:
Only Braxton Hicks right now.

Belly Button:
It's starting to get flat and stretched out, but still an innie.

What I miss:
Sleeping on my stomach, being able to sit comfortable, being able to move like normal period.

What I'm looking forward to:
Being able to put his room together, my baby showers, and not being pregnant anymore.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

i love crafting..and my lil baby.

I've had to wait until we found out boy or girl
do be able to do this craft project..
and since we found out a few weeks ago
I was super excited for Crafter's Corner
this month! I just did this today!

Another exciting thing is I've been
feeling Wyatt more...he's getting stronger!
At first it felt so a fish
swimming around and I wouldn't know for sure...
but I suspected it was him.
Every once in awhile he gives a good kick or punch.
It still seems so unreal that I'm talking about my own baby sometimes,
I've thought about this time in my life for so long..I'm such a girl.

But seriously wondered how I would act, feel, look, etc..
and now to be experiencing's unexplainable.
I am VERY excited to be a mom, to have a baby of my own to love...
but terrified at the same time.
A baby is a big changing.
It's been just Will and I for 6 years..
and now we're explanding...seems so old and adult-ish. haha.

I'm happy. We're both happy about this little boy
we're being blessed with...
and I cannot wait to meet him!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Will turned 25 today!!
Happy Birthday to my 
We are growing up...haha.

 Will and his dad Jeff
 Loverboy and I
 The Evans family came over with some more 
of our friends for a birthday BBQ last night.
I am horrible and only took a couple pictures.

 And these are bump pics from today...
shadow..oh yeah!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Looks like Snips & Snails....!!!

 Yes...Will and I are happy
and SO excited to announce
we will be having a BOY this October!
Officially Announcing 
Wyatt Eugene Myers!!

The ultrasound was so crazy...
actually seeing him move and his
little hands by his face. 
AHH...I'm still twitter-patted over it!
My due date was changed to
October 28th.
 These are 18 weeks and 5 days
Where will the rest of him go?!

 This was today after the ultrasound
waiting for the doctor.
Will wouldn't take a picture with me..
but he is SOOO STOKED he is
having a BOY!
We both actually felt like it would be Wyatt
instead of Audrey.
I even had a dream about 2 months ago that
we went to our ultrasound and it was a boy.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Snips & Snails? or Sugar & Spice?

 Today I am 19 weeks and 2 days.

There are 20 weeks and 4 days remaining
aka 144 days left.

Pregnancy is an experience.
For me it hasn't been TOO crazy in some ways.
Morning sickness wasn't much of a problem..
and I think even Will has said mood swings 
haven't been much of a problem.
The preggo belly I am still getting use to,
it's weird looking down and seeing it.
And I know its just going to get bigger.
I do feel uncomfortable a lot.
My stomach feels "weird"..don't know how to explain that, 
but it does. haha.
My back gets sore and achy,
and I LOVE sleeping...when I get comfortable.

I have a few friends pregnant this year along with me....
Brooke and Amber are due in July.
Britney is due early September.
Celia is due beginning of October.
And they're ALL having BOYS

Which brings me to
We have our Anatomy scan!
I am excited and nervous.
So excited to see our little munchkin...
but nervous simply because I want 
him or her
to have developed healthy!!

We are all together buzzin' with excitment!!
Will says boy. I say boy as well. 
But I am happy for either!!
Watch for our happy news!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

uh. i know.

It's been a quick minute since I last blogged.

I've been terrible but at least I have an excuse... does wear you down!

Here's our first ultrasound.
Baby's heartbeat was 143.
Estimated Due Date : October 31st, 2011
Lil Jellybean!

Baby Bump from April...mostly bloat. bahaha.
Heartbeat for baby this month was 163 bpm.

My OB appointment on May 5th I heard the
heartbeat again...a wonderful 157 bpm
we find out
on JUNE 2nd!!!!

Baby Bump 17 weeks 4 days.

I'm short and have NO torso...
where this bump is going shall be an
adventure itself!

I feel pretty lucky this far...
I didn't have morning sickness too bad.
My moods are fairly stable, except when I'm hungry...LOOK OUT.

However I'll admit to being "shell shocked" still.
I haven't felt the baby, I don't think, yet.
So my belly is getting bigger but the fact there's a baby..
growing inside is still intense.

Will keeps looking at me and saying, "hey...we're having a baby.."
I know Will...weird.
I'm scared for sure. We may not be teens, we're married
and have a solid relationship.
We'll be 25 next month and are debt free, so it's not like we can't handle this.
But our first child...
so much responsibility.
I hope I'll be a good mom...cause I want to be the best I can.
Give our child the love and attention is deserves.
I know all the emotions are normal but they're still something to think about.

I mostly CANNOT WAIT for my lil munchkin to be here.
I love him or her already so much.
I am going to try to be better about blogging...for reals.

I bought this perfect onesie..
Will's child has to wear something like this.

To end this I will say I'm pretty stoked for
June 2nd...
I don't care if it's a Boy or a Girl...
But I do think it's a Boy.