Saturday, August 20, 2011

30 Weeks...10 to go..

Yesterday marked 30 weeks! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone.
I stole this from my awesome friend Brit, who is bound to have her baby boy anytime now!

Besides having to wake up a few times a night to trek to the bathroom,
I'm still doing ok sleeping...Unisom is my lifesaver.

Best Moment of the Week:
Will feeling an awesome kick to my stomach..Wyatt doesn't seem to move
around whenever Will tries to feel him...lil stinker.

He has definite sleep/wake cycles.
I feel him quite often...the hands and feet in my ribs are a trip.

Labor Signs:
Only Braxton Hicks right now.

Belly Button:
It's starting to get flat and stretched out, but still an innie.

What I miss:
Sleeping on my stomach, being able to sit comfortable, being able to move like normal period.

What I'm looking forward to:
Being able to put his room together, my baby showers, and not being pregnant anymore.