Friday, May 28, 2010

Get ME out of HERE!

We're OFF to

Peace Out!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

the bad news is that Time Flies...but the GOOD news is you're now the Pilot.

First off can I just say that I wish
Why does Utah have to have such tempramental
weather. In 4 days alone we had

I just want the sun & some shine.

As for us Myers we're starting our final month at our apartment.
I'm not looking forward to packing
as you all know my disgust for it,
but I am looking forward to cleaning the place.
Is that weird?
One of my favorite things to buy is new cleaning products.
Ok...that does make me weird.
We will be moving in with Will's dad for a few months
while we are in the process of finding/buying a house.
My sister-in-law has also moved back into the house since
she does with school till fall.

Lets just say this shall be quite an interesting experience.

SAN DIEGO is in 26 days!!
Pretty stoked for that. In all the years the Shepherd families have been going there
(over a 40 year time span at least!)
its been an adventure with where we stay.
In the very beginning when
Shara, Johnny, Katie, and I went we were the only grandkids
so everyone smooshed into condo # 101
with my grandparents.
Their condo had a master room/bath & then one other bedroom that
has a full size bed & then bunkbeds.
Kitchen, dining room & living room as well,
with the couch being a pull out bed too.
Not a ton of room, but it worked.
As the years have gone by
with more and more children born
families began having to rent more then one condo
with 2 families in each.
I've always slept in 101 with my grandparents
on their bedroom floor, Katie usually sleeping next to me.

This year is a first for us.
Shara is married + 2 kids.
Katie is married.
I am married.
There is NO room for us to try & fit into any other condos
with our families....since there are tons of kids in those as well.
The 3 of us are having/forced to rent our own condo!!
The $$ we have to spend blows
but it will be nice actually having our own place to ourselves
and not having to fight for a place to sleep.
I guess it means we really have grown up.
Being an adult is over-rated sometimes.
But #508 is quite nice
and I look forward to staying in it!

The bathroom & bedroom we'll be sharing
with Katie & Mikey.

I am just ready for some

That's kinda all for now.
OH but if you are a crafter in Utah County
check this place out!!
Yesterday was the grand opening
& I am now IN LOVE
with this store.