Saturday, June 18, 2011

i love crafting..and my lil baby.

I've had to wait until we found out boy or girl
do be able to do this craft project..
and since we found out a few weeks ago
I was super excited for Crafter's Corner
this month! I just did this today!

Another exciting thing is I've been
feeling Wyatt more...he's getting stronger!
At first it felt so a fish
swimming around and I wouldn't know for sure...
but I suspected it was him.
Every once in awhile he gives a good kick or punch.
It still seems so unreal that I'm talking about my own baby sometimes,
I've thought about this time in my life for so long..I'm such a girl.

But seriously wondered how I would act, feel, look, etc..
and now to be experiencing's unexplainable.
I am VERY excited to be a mom, to have a baby of my own to love...
but terrified at the same time.
A baby is a big changing.
It's been just Will and I for 6 years..
and now we're explanding...seems so old and adult-ish. haha.

I'm happy. We're both happy about this little boy
we're being blessed with...
and I cannot wait to meet him!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Will turned 25 today!!
Happy Birthday to my 
We are growing up...haha.

 Will and his dad Jeff
 Loverboy and I
 The Evans family came over with some more 
of our friends for a birthday BBQ last night.
I am horrible and only took a couple pictures.

 And these are bump pics from today...
shadow..oh yeah!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Looks like Snips & Snails....!!!

 Yes...Will and I are happy
and SO excited to announce
we will be having a BOY this October!
Officially Announcing 
Wyatt Eugene Myers!!

The ultrasound was so crazy...
actually seeing him move and his
little hands by his face. 
AHH...I'm still twitter-patted over it!
My due date was changed to
October 28th.
 These are 18 weeks and 5 days
Where will the rest of him go?!

 This was today after the ultrasound
waiting for the doctor.
Will wouldn't take a picture with me..
but he is SOOO STOKED he is
having a BOY!
We both actually felt like it would be Wyatt
instead of Audrey.
I even had a dream about 2 months ago that
we went to our ultrasound and it was a boy.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Snips & Snails? or Sugar & Spice?

 Today I am 19 weeks and 2 days.

There are 20 weeks and 4 days remaining
aka 144 days left.

Pregnancy is an experience.
For me it hasn't been TOO crazy in some ways.
Morning sickness wasn't much of a problem..
and I think even Will has said mood swings 
haven't been much of a problem.
The preggo belly I am still getting use to,
it's weird looking down and seeing it.
And I know its just going to get bigger.
I do feel uncomfortable a lot.
My stomach feels "weird"..don't know how to explain that, 
but it does. haha.
My back gets sore and achy,
and I LOVE sleeping...when I get comfortable.

I have a few friends pregnant this year along with me....
Brooke and Amber are due in July.
Britney is due early September.
Celia is due beginning of October.
And they're ALL having BOYS

Which brings me to
We have our Anatomy scan!
I am excited and nervous.
So excited to see our little munchkin...
but nervous simply because I want 
him or her
to have developed healthy!!

We are all together buzzin' with excitment!!
Will says boy. I say boy as well. 
But I am happy for either!!
Watch for our happy news!!