Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I wanna be a Guitar Hero!!

Casey hooking it was a little diffucult.

Kyle & I rocking out. I won. :-)

Casey & me contemplating our lives as Guitar Heros.
& crazy Brady in the back.

Kyle & Erika.

We held a Guitar Hero night at the apartment. We had SOOO much fun. Can't help but love that game. I'm pretty darn good...not gonna lie. & i beat all the boys. haha. Yessssss.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

getting on with life & the FUN times!!!

Some Fun Pics From The Past Month:

so i got the papers back from Will & now will take them down to the courthouse to offically start the process. it did make things a little hard. i still struggle at times letting go of Will & my old life. it's hard moving on from something that was such a BIG part of my life for 2 years & someone i really loved.

however every day it does get easier & easier. i adjust to my new life again. and i'm glad i am still young enough to really start over. things will be different this time around! and it's definitely been easy because of family & friends!

i LOVE my roomies/friends...we have so much fun & i'm glad i made the decision to move in with them. it's been so helpful having them around with this whole ordeal i've been going through. as tough as it's been things are going pretty well & i'm settling back into single life pretty well. i still feel kinda weird & i have NO IDEA what i'm doing. but i know with the great friends i have & my awesome family....things will only continue to get better!!