Wednesday, October 21, 2009

oh and PS:

Maybe I'm weird but since I use to have a blog just for me
and changed it so Will & I could have a blog
I have felt weird posting stuff that's just about me
or about what I am doing.
Call me a dork or whatever but I created another blog for just ME.

Check it out if you want.


That's right....
Allegro at Corner Canyon Apartments
in Draper will be our new home starting November 7th!
We're very excited!
We have loved living with my grandparents in Alpine
but are ready for our own place.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Oh Yes.

Rio Hotel & Casino-
My best friends dad hooked us up with 2
very nice suites!

Heading into the Expo-

Wayne did 50 Bicep Curls in 56 seconds.

Honestly it was weird seeing how large these men (and some women) were!

Look how HUGE!

Another quite LARGE man.

"Still a fag" says Will & Wayne

I never ever want to look like her.

Take your shirt off and get a FREE one!

Nuff said.

We saw this old man in front of us and I had to take a picture.

Will has pictures of this guy up in his old room.
And he told the guy that. haha.

UFC Fighter St. Pierre.

Me and my "Bodyguards".

Our Stash.

Mr Olympia Judging.

And the Womens Show.

The lady in Purple won.

Complete look at all the FREE STUFF we got!!

"It was like Trick Or Treating for Meatheads!" - Will