Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Introducing Wyatt Eugene!!

I cannot believe our baby boy is FINALLY here!
After 40 weeks & 4 days he made his appearance to the world.

Wyatt's Birth Story

I went to my doctor appt on Halloween quite annoyed
that I was 3 days past my due date.
I know first time moms usually go into labor past their due date,
but my doctor had seemed sure he'd come before since
I had the bicornuate uterus.
When I got to my appt I noticed my doctor,
Dr Allen, was on call that day.
I knew I was going to ask him to be induced.
We were ready to meet our lil guy
and I was QUITE ready to be un-pregnant as well.
Dr Allen checked me and said since I was dilated to 3cm he was ok with inducing me if
that was what I wanted. He immediately called the hospital
and asked if they were busy.
They weren't and said for me to eat a light lunch,
and head to the hospital.
All of a sudden it was happening..
and I kinda got a little freaked out.
I let Will know he needed to head home from work
because we were gonna have our baby!

We got to Timpanogos Hospital around 1:30pm.
They got all my info and I was hooked up with my IVs, etc.
I was started on pitocin around 2:45pm
and the waiting began.
At 4:30pm I felt a little wet and told my nurse I thought my
water may have broke.
She said she'd check the next time she did a cervix check
and left the room.
5 minutes later I felt/heard a pop
and since I was pretty damn sure I wasn't peeing myself
I knew my water had broke on its own.
I called the nurse back and sure enough I was right!
The nurse told me that I would start feeling the contractions now
since the barrier was now gone.
After that contractions came but nothing painful.
The evening came and I was dilating pretty slowly.
We watched Monday Night Football
and chatted with Dr Allen when he came to check for an update.
By 9pm the contractions were starting to bug,
but still nothing I couldn't handle.
I was trying for a natural birth but since I was on pitocin
I was stuck in the bed since they have to monitor the baby the whole time.
That made working through contractions a lot harder.
By 10pm I asked my nurse for some Fentanyl
in my IV. It didn't take the contractions away
but did take the edge off and it helped.
I got another dose right before midnight
and tried to sleep.

By 3am I was tired and in pain.
So once my nurse came to check on me I asked for
my epidural.

Within 90 seconds my legs were numb
and I felt NOTHING!
The nurse said the epidural would help my body relax
and would make dilating the last 3cm faster.
I was in bliss and I just went to sleep.
The nurses woke me up around 6:30
and said I was at a 10.
and Dr Allen would be there soon to begin the pushing process.

I started pushing right before 7am.
My epidural was slowly wearing off which made pushing a little easier
since I could kinda feel my body.
I pushed for 2 hours and Dr Allen saw how tired I was, I almost had no energy left.
He suggested using forceps to help get him out.
His head was right there but not wanting to go the little extra we needed.
I told the Dr to do whatever he needed to get him out!!!
I got a little bit more of my epidural
and then at
Wyatt Eugene Myers
made his appearance to the world!

We have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy
who we love without end.
It was a long wait
but our sweet baby finally arrived.

ps I know this post is WAY over due.
I started it on 11.9.11 and just finished it.
First time motherhood has kept me busy!