Sunday, February 7, 2010

Whoa...Time Flies...2010

First post of 2010!
My bad.
So I haven't update since November
and its weird because of how OBSESSED I use to be.
But ever since we moved to Draper
we haven't had a computer & have lived off the internet 
on Will's iPhone.

I'm going to a quick run through.

 So nothing too new happened.
The Mazda got fixed (YAY)
and Will was still working at his job doing getting all the 
electric wiring done for a new ebay data center.

We are kinda scrooges & put up NO christmas decorations.
No tree. Nothing.
Will figures we have no kids yet.
And no one was going to see our apartment anyways
and it'd be pointless.
(which ended up being true).
We have both had a hard time with this holiday for quite awhile.
Neither of us like the pressure or presents,
or christmas shopping.
People have told us it'll be better once we have kids
and we look forward for that experience.

However christmas was fun,
and we enjoyed getting to see family.
Of course I also took NO pictures which is strange for me,
a picture addict.

I rang in the New Year alone.
Will of course had to work
and since his hours have been
5:30pm to 4am
for quite some time,
obviously we don't get to hang out at nights.
It has been hard with work hours
but we've managed.
We're still in Draper and I promise to post pics of our apartment soon.

Ahhh Valentines Day is coming.
Another holiday.
2010 is going very fast is seems.
Will is almost done with this job
and maybe we'll get normal hours again.
I'm still at ACS 
and since I work evenings there right now its helped with us getting to spend time together.

luckily today was Super Bowl Sunday
and we've been at Will's dads watching the game.
So heres a quick, kinda lame blog update.
Will is standing next to me telling me to hurry
so we can go home....
welp love ya all.
And i promise to do better this year!!
Love Will & Tacy