Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Haile's Senior Pictures by MWAH!

Ok so i took my little sister's senior pictures. it was a lot of fun & she is an excellent model. i was slightly frustrated because a lot of them weren't as focused and crisp....which sucked. we are planning on taking some more this weekend. one day i will invest in a NICE NICE camera....and life will be complete.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I was tagged by Brit O' Conner

Seven Random/Weird Facts about Me:

1. i'm ocd about the weirdest things...like my routines, ways i drive places, the order i do my makeup, even numbers...

2. i'm a serious nail-biter...have been since i was able to bite. its so bad that the only way my nails look nice is to have fake nails.

3. i have 2 tattoos. the first one i could do without. chalk it up to being "young & stupid". the second one i love, although i do realize i still shouldn't have gotten it. what can ya do?

4. i want to be a counselor/therapist. i'm about to start school part-time in january. i've been putting school off for 4 years because of money...&& i DO NOT want to take math. i dread it.

5. i use to be really picky when it came to my food touching each other on my plate. i'd have to get 2 plates & sometimes a bowl so nothing would touch. i've loosened up on it a lot. but still there are a few things i can't handle.

6. the things i've experienced & lived through in the past 3 years is crazy to me...so many things in such little time. but since i believe everything happens for a reason...it was all for the best.

7. i saved this one for the last cause it's the WEIRDEST:
i'm currently dating my ex-husband. there....i said it. it's now officially public information. it's fresh & we're taking it slow. it's weird to say my boyfriend...lol. but things are different & a lot better this time. we're starting fresh. so what. we're having fun & seeing how it goes.

sometimes you need a second chance cause love wasn't ready the first time....

Seven people I would like to tag:
1. shara
2. britt
3. erika
4. jaylee
5. gigi
6. maggie
7. julie shep

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sunday Photoshoot

alright people....it's my first shoot. ha. so please give me feedback!