Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happiness is a Journey, Not a Destination

July 19th ~ Mr & Mrs Horton
Jed & Amber finally got married!
They had a ten year plan
and stuck to it.

4th of July BBQ

Will made home-made bread...sooo good.

Some of Will's favorite toys...the Kimber and the AR-15

Tinfoil dinners one night...
gorgeous evening.

My super HOT
And my newest haircut!

.:.Prove You Exist.:.

My first from scratch craft project. I am so proud of myself!
Crafter's Corner in can buy whatever bare wood, metal, etc.
Then for $5 you can use their craft room that is
full of scrapbook paper, paints, glitter, ribbons....
anything in there to create your own ideas!
We do a monthly ACS craft day there,
super fun!
I love letting my creativity go...
I love making these decorated tin boxes.
It's so much fun & I cam spend hours
creating them.
They're also great gifts.
I made one for my cousin Katie
as a wedding gift,
and others for birthdays.
I also do journals, notebooks...
 even did a score book for my grandparents
Christmas present since we are
always playing cards & what not.
It's a great personalized present!
This is one I made for
Will & I...(duh).
(Will's side)
(My side)
I tend to make a lot
for myself too (hehe).

This is my journal entry
celebrating our 1 year anniversary.
As you can see I decorate pretty much everything.

I love creating my own things.
Its a great way to de-stress...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Every Love Story is Beautiful...But Ours is My Favorite...

Despite the ups and downs,

through thick & thin...

We made it...

Happy 1 Year Babe...