Saturday, April 3, 2010

First camping trip on 2010

Will has been itching to go camping for at least a month now
and last weekend we finally went out west
with his dad.
That night was pretty cold
but the 3 of us squeezed into our little tent
and with the help of extra blankets,
slept great!
Will and his dad are quite seasoned campers,
I however, am not.
Except for girls camp
I never really camped anywhere without at LEAST
a port-a-potty.
Which are disgusting
but work.
The Myers are not those kind of campers.
They go into the middle of NOWHERE
to set up camp.
To say the least it is something I am still getting use to,
but don't want to.
But this trip was very fun and relaxing.
Will had custom ordered a new gun
15 months ago and just recently
was able to pick it up.
The bottom one is his new one.
Looks like a plastic toy gun.
Anyways my main goal of the trip was to
actually HIT a clay pigeon with the shoot gun.
I got
1 out of 3
and called it a day.
Those 3 shoots alone gave me a nice bruise
and made my arms sore the next day.
I spent the rest of the day reading, enjoying the sun
while the guys did their thing.

Will is quite amazing at shooting.
He always hits the clay pigeons,
even when we throw out 2 or 3 at a time.
But then again he has grown up shooting
and always was award excellent at the shooting range
when he was in the Marine Corps.

Out west. WAY out west.
I also got to wear my cowboy hat.
I know this trip will be one of many
this year.

Here are some pics off Will's iPhone
that I found....
From last fall when Will
sliced his hand at work.

From our Montana trip
in November.
My first time in a ground blind.
(Camoflage tent thing for hunting)

Roses Will brought home for me
a few weeks ago
for no reason.

And lastly some fun doodling
I did while bored at AF court.
(I wasn't there for me, but as a court attendent for my job).