Monday, September 21, 2009

My Personal Bodyguard

"The only way to be a champion is by going through these
forced reps and the torture and pain.
That's why I call it the torture routine.
Because its like forced torture. Torturing my body.
What helps me is to think of this pain as pleasure. Pain makes me grow.
Growing is what I want. Therefore for me, pain is pleasure.
And so when i experience pain I'm in heaven. It's great."

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

For anyone who knows Will knows he is very into Body Building.
He got really into early 2008.
The picture above was taken back in March when he
went to the Arnold Classic.

When Will and I got married in 2006 he was just a nice 155 lbs.
He still had his young boy-ness in him.

NOW he is HUGE
and very close to 200 lbs,
with his goal being 220 lbs!
He loves working out and is in the gym pretty much every day!
His favorite magazine is Muscle Development
and I just bought him 5 dozen eggs and what feels like a life time supply of steak.
My family still cannot believe it when he says he hungry after just eating
a huge dinner just 2 hours before.
His normal lunch for work consists of 8 eggs, 1 cup rice, 2-3 steaks, and then some snacks.
Its pretty crazy.

This weekend we're heading to Las Vegas for
The Mr Olympia.
A wonderful display of Body Building in its finest.

I personally don't care all the much.
I loved skinny Will.
And I love big Will.
I'll have to post more updated pictures soon.

Never Enough

That's rights....I have another one.
I need one that is just for ME!
aka Tacy

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering This Day

September 11th, 2001

I remember this day very distinctly.
I was sitting in my 1st period class my sophomore year of high school.
The tvs were on in all the classrooms and news of the attack on
The Twin Towers
came streaming in all over the school.
I must admit I was in shock.
And sadly a little displaced.
It was sad. Very sad.
But I was in Utah...far from the chaos.
They were many students crying,
people worried about loved ones
who were in New York.
And I was just in a daze.
Not necessarily uncaring,
But not attached.

However....little did I know just 4 years later I would date and then marry a
United States Marine.
That alone changed many things for me.
After getting married the first time in March 2006 and moving down to San Diego
where Will was stationed at Camp Pendleton,
the life as Marine wife became a reality.
Operation Iraqi Freedom had begun years before
and was still on-going.

Will deployed for Iraq August 9th, 2006.
Watching him walk away to the buses has been one of the hardest things I've ever
had to experience. Although I trusted him and the Marine in him...
You still never know what can happen.
He was gone for 7 months.

And March 6th, 2007
he came back safe and sound.
It is yet another experience that is unexplainable...
the feelings I had rushing through me as I saw the line of buses pull up.
There were tons of people also waiting for their loved ones.
And with so many Marines all dressed alike
I was searching frantically for the one I was looking for.
And when I saw him all i could do was skip/run with a huge smile.
That has been the BEST Hug and Kiss EVER.

I guess where I am going with all this
is simply that
September 11th, 2001
is a day that will never be forgotten
and should not be forgotten.
And I hope everyone remembers the many innocent lives lost that day,
as well as the lives of Brave men and women of the
United States Military
who are to this day still are sacrificing their lives for ours.
For our Freedom to Live,
To be a Great People.
May we always remember that
Freedom is never Free.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Adventure Time!

So this last weekend Will went up AF canyon to camp and to do the
Archery Elk Hunt.
He went up with his friend Jed, Amber, and Danny.
So Saturday I got a call from him around 5pm letting me know his Elk tag had fallen out of his pocket and he asked me to go pick him up a duplicate.
Being the wonderful wife I am I did and then started to head up the canyon to meet them.
It was 6 o'clock when I started up the canyon.
Then the "Fun" began.
He had told me to meet them at a certain point up the
Alpine Loop.
Once I got to the assumed meeting point I waited about 10 minutes and they weren't there yet.
I figured maybe I was at the wrong place so I began to head farther down the Alpine Loop.
However when I reached Aspen Grove I thought I'd gone too far.
Turned around and headed back up.
Once I got back to the original place they still weren't there.
So I headed toward Cascade Springs thinking maybe I was suppose to head that way.
After driving about 20 minutes I knew I'd gone too far again. At this point its around
7:30pm and I was beyond frustrated and annoyed.
Turning around YET AGAIN I flew back and this time totally missed the original spot and
I was back at Aspen Grove...I kept going.
And arrived at the Provo Canyon part where you begin the Alpine Loop.
I wanted to SCREAM!
And this whole time I was trying to call Will to see where he was at.
Of course phone service is hard to come on in the canyon but it was worth a try.
I got back to the original spot and sat.
The phone rang and it was Will.
"Where the heck are you!!"
I repeated it back. Lol.
We both were quite annoyed.
I should have waited longer at the spot apparently.
He said to head towards Cascade Springs and I'd start going downhill...I was driving while talking to him and heard him say something about a dirt road that he'd be waiting for me at.
Then my phone lost service so I headed towards where I thought he'd be.
I stopped at a dirt road and the car that was behind me flew past.
It was well after 8pm and it was dark outside.
I saw no one...turned around and proceeded to stop by every dirt road.
To no avail.
Pissed off and tired I simply drove back to the original place to call him again.
A few seconds later a car pulled up behind me and Police lights were flashing.
As if my night could get any worse.
The officer walked up to my window and said
"You look like a wife lost looking for your husband."
Well yes I was!
He said Will had flagged him down and asked if he'd seen a Mazda driving around and explained it was his wife looking for him.
Luckily the officer lead me to him.
I finally got there after almost 3 HOURS of driving all around the stupid canyon.
Tired, annoyed, and hungry.

To end this long story I got to go up to their camp and got a nice dinner, and spent time hanging around the campfire for awhile.
Needless to say I think my experience of the Alpine Loop will last me for a nice while.