Saturday, June 18, 2011

i love crafting..and my lil baby.

I've had to wait until we found out boy or girl
do be able to do this craft project..
and since we found out a few weeks ago
I was super excited for Crafter's Corner
this month! I just did this today!

Another exciting thing is I've been
feeling Wyatt more...he's getting stronger!
At first it felt so a fish
swimming around and I wouldn't know for sure...
but I suspected it was him.
Every once in awhile he gives a good kick or punch.
It still seems so unreal that I'm talking about my own baby sometimes,
I've thought about this time in my life for so long..I'm such a girl.

But seriously wondered how I would act, feel, look, etc..
and now to be experiencing's unexplainable.
I am VERY excited to be a mom, to have a baby of my own to love...
but terrified at the same time.
A baby is a big changing.
It's been just Will and I for 6 years..
and now we're explanding...seems so old and adult-ish. haha.

I'm happy. We're both happy about this little boy
we're being blessed with...
and I cannot wait to meet him!


Brittani said...

You 2 are going to be GREAT parents! I can't wait to meet Mr. Wyatt!