Thursday, October 20, 2011

8 days.

My due date is 8 days away!
So crazy.
It feels like this moment has come so fast,
yet now is CRAWLING.
Typically pregnant lady comment I know.
I am so impatient because I want Wyatt to be here already..
I want to see his face and hold him, and kiss him.
I want to meet my son, the little guy who has been
rolling around inside me for so long now.

I am also SICK of being pregnant.
I am ready to have my body back
and to be mobile.
I'm ready to wear normal clothes again
and to just feel like myself again.
My aunt told me you feel like that so when the end comes
you're ready to go through the ordeal of labor.
I will say I am not scared of labor.
I thought I would be
maybe I'm in denial about it, but I haven't really thought about it too much.
I know it's going to hurt..but I'm not scared of the pain.
Pain is to be expected.
I have a really high pain tolerance
and I know Will is going to be a good coach for me.

Speaking of the dad-to-be..
Will has been amazing this whole pregnancy.
It has been a very easy and smooth 9 months,
and he kept me in good spirits the whole time.
He kept me laughing and smiling the whole time,
and I'm very grateful for him.

We got to spend a lot of time together on little adventures we had this year.
I never really blogged anything about our summer.
We did a couple road trips to Vegas
in May and June to see his mom.
The road trips were SO much fun just because we got
to hang out for hours and talk about our life,
and just laugh.
We also went to Wyoming for the 4th of July
to see his uncle and aunt.
We also went on a few camping trips with friends,
the last one being over Labor Day weekend.
Wyatt went camping a total of 4 times before
he was born.

As D-Day gets closer (hopefully any time now) we are getting
a little nervous just because we have NO IDEA
what to expect.
We are both excited for this little guy to add to our family
and are looking forward to this awesome next step in our life.

Well here's to the countdown
of Wyatt...
and we hope to meet him SOON!


Ann Mitchell said...

Keep trying for my birthday...October 26!